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We are a growing group of professionals committed to raising awareness (and respect) for educators and education through the voices of teachers, parents and students. All that we do is intended to inspire student-centered teaching and learning in classrooms across the US. (Ignite Resources accompany each show and are proudly aligned to The Common Core State Standards).

Our priority is to secure a national “Ten20″ sponsor of a 10-month/20 show schedule — where we can formally engage teachers, parents and students in influencing show content, with students standing ready to also help produce the show! However, until that glorious moment, we continue to pursue opportunities to produce additional Special Series Shows which are being considered by corporate and philanthropic education advocates agreeing with our vision — so stay tuned!


stuvoice-logo 120 ANNOUNCING

“The Student Ignite Show” produced by Student Voice, Inc. After a year of working together with this end in mind, we are pleased to announce this grand strategic partnership with this team of students who are ”Revolutionizing Education Through the Voices and Actions of Students.” Visit their website for more information at www.stuvoice.org. Student Voice is a student-run, non-partisan, not-for-profit organization that is best-positioned to address student issues with the reach of our digital platform, depth of our network, and vast experience spreading the importance of the student voice initiative. Our entire production team welcomes founder Zak Malamed, and Student Executive Producer Aidan Khan to our table as consultants, advocates for engaging students in our production process and as the team to produce the 5-minute stand alone segment “The Student Ignite Show.” Stay tuned for the September launch of the first show filmed in New York before a live audience!

Enjoy our most recent productions — Four Special Episodes featuring Four State Teachers of the Year with a focus on the Common Core State Standards!

nnstoy hunt ccss set These Special Episodes were funded by The National Network of State Teachers of the Year (NNSTOY) and The Hunt Institute, and supported by the AFT, NEA, and National PTA, each of these episodes focus on a different Math or English Language Arts topic as we step into the classroom to see what the teaching of the Common Core looks like. Each one is accompanied by an Ignite Curriculum Guide complete with lesson plan and suggested classroom tips in a short “how-to” Teacher-to-Teacher video. There are interviews and insights by leaders and other experts to help us see most clearly what the Common Core State Standards are all about.



The Shows include:

Annice Brave
2011 IL State Teacher of the Year

English Language Arts
Alton High School
Alton, IL


Perea Blackmon
2012 DC Teacher of the Year

Langdon Education Campus
Washington, DC


Elaine Hutchison
2013 OK State Teacher of the Year

Chamberlain Middle School
Fairview, OK


Lewis Chappelear
2008 CA State Teacher of the Year

Science, Technology, Engineering & Math
James Monroe High School
Los Angeles, CA



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