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We are a growing group of professionals commited to raising awareness (and respect) for educators and education through the voices of teachers, parents and students.

The Ignite Show® is a web-show hosted by Anne Ostholthoff (20-year veteran in education). 

VISION: Intended as a bi-weekly, entertaining talk show highlighting timely information and offering in-depth coverage of various subjects relevant to today’s education arena.

CURRENT ACTIVITY: The show can be custom-created for your state agency, organization, company, or school to share information about your education priorities. Please contact us for more information about sponsoring Special Episodes.

Other Services We Provide 

We are communications experts in the education market. Whether you need help creating, streamlining or promoting your message, to internal or external audiences, we are ready to help. 



  • Education Events
  • Publications
  • Teams
  • Messaging
  • Common Core State Standards Advocacy – local and national




  • Teaching and Learning Demonstrations
  • Special Episodes The Ignite Show
  • Conference/Speaking Engagement Tools



  • Advertising
  • Public Relations
  • Media Planning and Implementation
  • Web Design




  • Full-service event production and oversight capabilities for large and small events alike. Expertise from pre-planning to implementation (production) for audiences sized from 300,000p at Madison Square Garden and 300p attending small conference in hotel ballrooms.


Anne Ostholthoff, Host of The Ignite Show, is available as:

  • Motivational speaker
  • Public speaker on various subjects, particularly advocating for implementation of the Common Core State Standards
  • Event Host
  • Facilitator
  • Professional Development Trainer in Creativity and Project Based Learning
  • Co-presenter
  • Panelist

Rates available upon request.

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