The Ignite Show on location at Student Voice Live!

Filmed in New York City, see the first production of The Students’ Ignite Show - a new segment that is produced entirely by students! Listen in as Student Voice Founder Zak Malamed challenges 7 student leaders from across the country to find three solutions to address the socio-economic adversity issues in education. What are the critical issues students are facing? What 3 solutions might you offer? Listen!

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This Episode of The Ignite Show was made possible by Student Voice Live! and Velocity Productions.

The special segment titled The Students’ Ignite Show was sponsored in part by Microsoft and Dell.

Student Voice

Student Voice is a for-students-by-students nonprofit organization spearheading a social movement to integrate student voices into the global education conversation. Our non-partisan outlook allows us to best address student issues through reach of our digital platform, depth of our network, and communication of the student voice initiative.

The Students’ Ignite Show

Annoucing the launch of The Students’ Ignite Show. Here is a 20-minute “inaugural”segment produced entirely by students. Each episode of The Ignite Show filmed in the future will now also have always one 5-minute similar segment – completely the responsibility of Student Voice, our strategic partner in this effort!

Student Production Team:

  • Executive Producer: Aidan Kahn
  • Producer/ Host- Zak Malamed
  • Camera 1-Matt Berger
  • Camera 2-Ran Shelomi
  • Technical Director- Niv Gafny
  • Lighting Director- Sheldon Walker

Student participants included:

  • Israel Munoz / student at Fordham University and Founder of The Chicago Student Union in Chicago Public Schools.
  • Leslie Soriano / student at St. John’s University and with The Future Project in NYC.
  • Nikki Adeli/ Student in Philadelphia Public Schools – Science Leadership Academy – and one of 21 students in The Philadelphia Youth Commission representing student voice from all districts in the system.
  • Sixto Cancel / Student at Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Ivan Ramos/ Student at Landmark High School – Student VoIce Collaborative - -17 schools across NYC.

3 Solutions to address key issues:

  1. We need to value transgenerational relationships to help students gain exposure to ideas and experiences of other students they admire – these can motivate their own self-discovery, commitment and advancement. This needs to include student to student mentorships;
  2. We must immerse students into the real world through internships, special trips and engagements with business and government to open their eyes to active and ideas beyond their own communities;
  3. Students should be required to set their own expectations – and get rid of different tracks like gifted/honors/etc. This will allow students to opt into different levels of classes on their own with open doors to all students at all times at all levels of learning.