Time with Georgia Governor Nathan Deal

Enjoy a lively conversation with Georgia Governor Nathan Deal on two issues: Choosing the best career track out of high school – and about “flattening the classroom” with guest Vicki Davis “Cool Cat Teacher”.

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When Governor Deal said "Yes, I'd like to help you with this", he'd been told how we were trying to elevate awareness and respect of educators. His support was such a timely gift - and this episode provided the opportunity to bring a bit more to the show than just an interview, not the least of which was our first filming before a live audience. The journey continued...and the following episode to capture a live event "on-location" was our next stop along the way.

Insights into Career Tracks for Success out of High School

Career Tracks for Student Success upon High School Graduation: Today, the path for students out of high school is confusing at best. Governor Deal weighs in on some of the many options, listening as the Glenn  Pelham Foundation for Debate Education debate team tackles the question: what is the best option for career readiness for high school graduates? (17:23)

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Innovative Technology: Flattening the Classroom

Innovative educator Vicki Davis “Cool Cat Teacher” explains what it means to flatten the classroom. High Speed Internet in schools is a possibility and 12 year old Thomas Suarez from TEDX shares how he created his own app. (7:26)


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Gov. Deal's Personal Message Directly to Educators

Listen to a state leader talk from his heart directly to educators about not giving up hope! (1:27)