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The Ignite Show on location at Student Voice Live!

Filmed in New York City, see the first production of The Students’ Ignite Show – a new segment that is produced entirely by students! Listen in as Student Voice Founder Zak Malamed challenges 7 student leaders from across the country…


Special Episode: Annice Brave – 2011 Illinois State Teacher of the Year

Walk with a diverse group of Illinois high school students as they dive into The Scarlett Letter Custom House Essay and answer text-dependent questions to analyze this classic story through the lens of modern life.  


Special Episode: Perea Blackmon 2012 District of Columbia Teacher of the Year

Visit a combined 3rd/4th grade classroom in Washington, DC as students learn the concept of theme in real life, identify it in the text of the book Bud, Not Buddy, and then defend their point of view.


Special Episode 3: Elaine Hutchison – 2013 Oklahoma State Teacher of the Year

Take a journey with a group of middle school students in Oklahoma as they apply algebraic equations to the real-life challenge of purchasing a car, and begin to understand math’s relevance to everyday life.


Special Episode 4: Lewis Chappelear – 2008 California State Teacher of the Year

Join high school sophomores in Los Angeles as they collaborate and apply algebraic formulas to solve a real-life design challenge.  

mayor reed show

The FIRST Ignite Show With Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed

Enjoy this conversation about Project Based Learning (PBL) and a “project with an environmental purpose” for students to replicate. Also discussed, the importance of Career Readiness of students and why the Mayor believes in the importance of a strong hand…


A student, a Principal and what learning (and teaching) should look like under Common Core!

I was travelling recently and read an article I must share. It’s by Gail Marshall, who writes for The Fresno Bee. She quotes a colleague of... Read More

100 black men see it be it

We all need to know where we’re going.

As we enter summer, I am reminded of what a powerful season of reflection this can be. So, here are a few thoughts and... Read More


A Vision for Everyone at the Table in 2014!

Our dream for 2014 at The Ignite Show is for more opportunities to raise awareness (and respect) for educators and education through the voices of... Read More


Teaching the Common Core Creatively — No Where to Hide!

When you see Lewis in action, in the just released Special Episode of The Ignite Show, you can’t help but smile at his... Read More